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Wind Against the Tide

Wind Against the Tide artwork

The Atlantic Crossing debut album, produced by Pete Sutherland, features a strong contingent of tunes and songs from the Scottish tradition. The Laird of Drum tells how love transcends class boundaries, whilst Slave's Lament gives a little-known insight into Robert Burns' progressive views regarding slavery. Rick contributes a couple of compositions to this album: Only Way Home is his account of a hair-raising voyage through the eye of a hurricane, whilst his beautiful waltz First Light is still a favorite. The other original waltz is appended to Far Away In Australia: Viveka's Waltz was written by Peter before he even knew of her existence. Two of the songs, John Barleycorn and Three Men Went A-Hunting represent our early forays into the Helen Hartness Flanders Collection. Brian's feet are given an airing on the set of Quebecois reels, and, as a follow-up to the sea shanty Hieland Laddie, the reel Daldowny's features an unusual sound for Atlantic Crossing - three fiddles - as Pete joins Viveka and Peter.

The cover art is from the painting Wave Over Wave by Sarah Wesson of Ripton, VT.

Audio Clip

1. The Laird of Drum

2. Monymusk (medley)

3. Hieland Laddie

4. Hills of Glenorchy (jig set)

5. John Barleycorn

6. First Light (waltz)

7. Only Way Home

8. Slave's lament

9. Melange Quebecois (reel set)

10. Far Away in Australia

11. MacArthur Road (reel set)

12. Three Men Went A-Hunting

13. Rowing to Boyne (medley)

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