Atlantic Crossing
New England Roots music from Vermont
for contra dances, festivals, weddings, concerts ...

Atlantic Crossing: Viveka Atlantic Crossing: Peter Atlantic Crossing: Rick

Viveka Fox

Fiddle, bodhran, djembe

Peter Macfarlane

Fiddle, low whistles, mandolin, feet, vocals

Rick Klein

Guitar, vocals

Viveka has played North American, Scottish and Irish music since childhood. Her solo album, Shores of Champlain was released in 1993. In addition to playing with Atlantic Crossing she performs with the Celtic/contra dance band Frost and Fire. Outside the music world she is founder and head coach of the Vermont Fencing Alliance as well as competing in her own right, having represented the US Veterans' Foil Team.

Peter relocated to Vermont from the UK where he played regularly for Scottish dances, ceilidhs and weddings. He has produced two solo recordings of original Scottish dance music (2003) and original waltzes (2017), and has published two volumes of his own compositions. He also performs with Frost and Fire, teaches fiddle, custom builds cedar strip canoes, and is co-founder and musical director of the Champlain Valley Scottish Fiddle Club, and is musical director of the Vermont Fiddle Orchestra.

Rick developed his powerful rhythm playing through years of work in dance bands of all types. A licensed skipper who has lived and worked on the sea, he has a natural affinity for maritime music. When not playing music, he can be found making dust as a fine wood-worker, or, when the season allows, chasing down the skier ahead of him in a Nordic race.

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