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Glory of the Day

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After about two years in the making, we are proud to present our first album featuring Tristan Henderson. With extensive help from sound engineer, Gary Savoie, we got our hands dirty in the tech side of this: it's self-produced in more ways than one. Once more we feature our own compositions: all of us contribute dance tunes; a couple of songs from Viveka relate to local events, both recent and historical; and Tristan penned the title track, an ode to the good things in life in his home state. After singing a beloved song of the sea for decades, Rick was glad finally to record Wave Over Wave by Jim Payne of Newfoundland, and Viveka and Peter, after about a dozen years of marriage, have somewhat belatedly recorded a beautiful slow air, Atlantic Crossing, composed for their wedding by Pete Sutherland.

1. Boite d'Oiseaux (medley)

2. Rowdy Soul

3. The Aviatrix (reel set)

4. Flowers of Michigan (march)

5. The Jewel of the Valley

6. Wee Rabbit (jig set)

7. Chicken Cluster (reel set)

8. The Wager

9. Morning Blossom (waltz)

10. Derrane's jig set)

11. Angus MacFlash (reel set)

12. Wave Over Wave

13. Atlantic Crossing

14. Dipsy Gypsy (reel set)

14. Glory of the Day

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