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Full and Away

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Full and Away artwork

Our 2nd recording, Full and Away, was named one of the top 10 Vermont albums of 2000 by the arts weekly Seven Days. It opens with one of our ever popular dance sets. Other tunes sets include Laddie's Return which re-visits the shanty Hieland Laddie from our first album but in instrumental form, a playful interpretation of a Scottish march together with one of Viveka's compositions (Two Dragons), a set of hornpipes played at clog tempo as well as up-tempo, and a final thrash in which Brian cuts loose on the banjo. The songs draw from the Flanders collection (the unlikely tale of the Tarry Sailor), from Robert Tannahill (Are You Sleeping, Maggie?), from the Ohio valley (Shawneetown), and from Viveka's pen: Guiding Star was way too subtle for Peter to notice the imagery, whilst La Maquisarde gives an account of her grandmother who was active in the French resistance during World War II.

The boat featured on the album cover, Feather, was a love of Rick's life and his one-time home.

1. The Curlew (reel set)

2. The Tarry Sailor

3. Laddie's Return (medley)

4. Are You Sleeping Maggie?

5. La Maquisarde

6. The Weaver (jig set)

7. Two Dragons (march set)

8. Guiding Star

9. Road to Montreal

10. Muriel et Philippe (waltz set)

11. New England Hornpipes (medley)

12. Shawneetown

13. Taylor's Potato Farm (reel set)

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