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Our 3rd album continues the theme of presenting our self-penned songs: Viveka's tale of the Lewis & Clark expedition from the point of view of the fiddler, Pierre Cruzatte, and Peter's wanderings along the North Sea coastline near where he grew up, written in the throes of emigration, Winter's Dark Horizon. In addition there are four songs from the Flanders collection, including I Live Too High For Comfort. This depression era account of a flea-bag hotel, originally recorded unaccompanied, is given the full swing treatment in which Rick shows off his chops and Brian dusts off his cornet. Interspersed among the songs is, of course, a healthy dose of tune sets, including a playful interpretation of some New England reels, an epic medley of tunes from Cape Breton, an eclectic medley written by Rick, Viveka and our esteemed producer, and a beautiful waltz from the pen of Jean-Paul Loyer of Joliette, Quebec. Rounding off the recording is a rollicking set of reels from Burlington's great fiddler, Louis Beaudoin, learned from Pete Sutherland who produced this album.

1. The Boy Who Wouldn't Hoe Corn

2. Winter's Dark Horizon

3. Celtic Ceilidh (medley)

4. Pierre Cruzatte

5. Carmichael, McGhie & Cameron
(jig set)

6. The Jam on Gerry's Rocks

7. Boston Rattler (reel set)

8. The Female Highwayman

9. Glenburnie Rant (reel set)

10. Mr Whizzy (medley)

11. I Live Too High For Comfort

12. Valse De Bois (waltz)

13. Hommage a Louis Beaudoin
(reel set)

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