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Overtones & Undercurrents

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Our 5th release, self-produced, sports a greater number of home-grown tunes and songs than any of our previous recordings. Overtones & Undercurrents opens with a pair of marches written by Brian, and includes several of Peter's dance tunes. Viveka contributes two songs: Mount Independence, which was drawn from the memoirs of a disillusioned Revolutionary War soldier, and Song for the Spitfire, her tribute to an iconic gunboat sunk in Lake Champlain in 1776 following the battle of Valcour Island, and which is now at the spearhead of the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum's focus in conserving and sharing the historical legacy of the Lake. The Flanders Collection is represented by Yorkshire Bite, the tale of a young lad who turns the tables on a highwayman, and John Barleycorn, not the version on Wind Against the Tide but a rather more irreverent one. Recent composers also have a presence: a couple of reels by the late Cape Breton fiddler Jerry Holland are infused with Brazilian samba rhythm, and Archie Fisher's beautiful song Final Trawl, a song which has been close to Rick's heart for some time and which laments the loss of a way of life linked to the sea, receives a soulful treatment. As a contrast, Brian's foray into the French/English language of the borderlands in Les Raftsmen, found on a recording by Pete Seeger, is a romp. There's probably something for everyone here. Just like the Vermont weather, wait a few minutes and you'll get something new.

1. Nilso's Marches (march set)

2. Yorkshire Bite

3. Perkins Strut (reel set)

4. Song for the Spitfire

5. Jerry's Samba (reel set)

6. Smig's Jigs (jig set)

7. Mount Independence

8. Belle Michele (waltz)

9. John Barleycorn

10. Juniata Hornpipe (reel set)

11. Les Raftsmen

12. The Bride's Wellies (medley)

13. Final Trawl

14. Tater Gap (reel set)

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