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In response to demand from contra dancers, we compiled 13 of our favourite dance sets and a couple of waltzes on to one album, unfettered by songs. All of these tracks are available on our previous albums, but here the avid dancer can merely hit "Play" and disappear into that world of dancing bliss for nearly an hour ... before emerging to hit "Play" again, and again!

Note: Being a compilation, this CD has some overlap with each of the preceding albums, most notably Overtones & Undercurrents.

For those who got this by digital download and who do not have the sleeve, here are the names of the tunes (& composers) for each track.
1. The Curlews (Josephine Keegan) / The Road to Cashel (Charlie Lennon) / Calum Finlay (trad)
2. The Boy's Lament for his Dragon (trad) / Dragon in the Lizard Lounge (Viveka Fox)
3. Docks & Quays of Galway (trad) / Brian's Banshee (Peter Macfarlane) / Manchester Reel (trad)
4. Winnie Hayes (trad) / Old Woman Tossed Up in a Blanket (trad) / Lord Cathcart (trad)
5. Blackberry Quadrille (trad) / High A Reel (trad) / Reel de Quebec (trad) / Eddie's Reel (Eddie LaPlante)
6. Squirrel's Return (Peter Macfarlane) / Llama Pie (Peter Macfarlane) / Smiggy's Delight (Peter Macfarlane)
7. Ross's Reel #4 (trad) / Perkins Strut (Peter Macfarlane)
8. The Bride's Wellies (Peter Macfarlane) /Black Thistle (Peter Macfarlane) / Malcolm's Delight (Peter Macfarlane)
9. Vals efter CJ Bjorklund (trad) / Vals efter Alfred Andersson (trad)
10. Reel for James (Peter Macfarlane) / Tater Gap (Peter Macfarlane) / I-5 South (Peter Macfarlane)
11. Nilso's #1 (Brian Perkins) / Nilso's #2 (Brian Perkins)
12. Forrester's Hornpipe (trad) / Lamplighter's Hornpipe (trad) / Boston Rattler (trad)
13. The Half Door (trad) / Tipsy Sailor (trad) / Owny's Best Jig (trad)
14. Surveyor's Reel (trad) / The Wind Up (trad) / Ironville Loop (Peter Macfarlane)
15. First Light (Rick Klein)

1. The Curlew (reel set)

2. Two Dragons (march set)

3. Manchester Reel (reel set)

4. Winnie Hayes (jig set)

5. Hommage a Louis Beaudoin
(reel set)

6. Smig's Jigs (jig set)

7. Perkins Strut (reel set)

8. The Bride's Wellies set (medley)

9. Swedish Waltzes

10. Tater Gap (reel set)

11. Nilso's Marches (march set)

12. Boston Rattler (reel set)

13. Tipsy Sailor (jig set)

14. Ironville Loop (reel set)

13. First Light (waltz)

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