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What other have said about our performances & recordings - a sample

Atlantic Crossing has been a central part of many dynamic Lake Champlain Maritime Museum celebrations. Their skill and talent is extraordinary, and together with their special interest in maritime themes this makes them a perfect complement to any event.
(Art Cohn - Founder & Director Emeritus, Lake Champlain Maritime Museum)

I'm a music appreciation teacher who has studied the Celtic origins of our American music - believe it or not, I found your Groundswell at a garage sale today and am just astounded. Not only is the music great but the background you give in the CD folder is just super. I just want to thank you for your music. I'll be buying your new CD as soon as I can. I would have thought Pierre Cruzatte was written 200 years ago had I not read the info first - it is really an enjoyable ballad - what a wonderful addition to folk music. Thank you!
(Heather Davis)

This updated version (of Gardner MacKay's play Sea Marks), in its world premiere at Waitsfield's Skinner Barn, floats on a tide of traditional and freshly composed Celtic tunes by the Vermont folk ensemble Atlantic Crossing, who fiddle, strum and drum throughout the show. The combination of stellar acting and a toe-tapping score made Sea Marks a swimming success.
(Elisabeth Crean - Seven Days, August 2006)

New England roots music icons Atlantic Crossing rise to the top of their game with the release of their fourth disc, Turning the Compass, a pinnacle of performance reflecting ten years of growth deep into the heartwood of North American folk traditions ...The diversity of pieces paints a living picture of the complex and interwoven history of New England culture and music, and the original pieces flow naturally from these roots, retaining a sophisticated, well-grounded and authentic feel.
(Cindy Hill -

Atlantic Crossing have been tilling the hills and hollows of Vermont and beyond for at least 10 years... ever molding and tweaking and creating what is a refreshing and unique take on traditional dance and vocal music. ‘Turning the Compass’ is the latest and greatest snapshot of their continuing evolution and growth. Coming into full bloom is a deep respect for the maritime tales and legends of the Lake Champlain region, and wedding them to some great poetry and music. There’s a healthy dose of the motoring Celtic, Quebecois and Yankee dance tunes ... that have been the band’s cornerstone since the beginning-always driving, enthusiastic and expertly played. Just try to listen without moving something. I can’t do it! ... the recording is jammed with new and interesting material rarely heard elsewhere.”
(Mark Sustic - Champlain Valley Folk Festival founder)

Your tune sets matched the dances beautifully, and were gorgeously played. I'd be delighted get to work with you again anytime!
(Susan Petrick – Contra Dance Caller)

You guys were fabulous at the Flurry! … We would LOVE to have you folks play for us if you are available … thank you for rocking the house at the Flurry.
(Eric Gidseg – Hudson Valley Community Dances, NY)

What a GREAT TIME we had Tuesday night ... Atlantic Crossing played music that truly carried the dancers along, energizing a highly successful midweek dance … special thanks to Atlantic Crossing for such awesome music. Let us know when you're coming south again, guys, we want you back!
(Christin Whittington – Sautee Nacootchee, GA)

My husband and I saw you last night in Montpelier, and thought you were FANTASTIC! We bought your CD - turning the compass- and have been listening and dancing to it all day with our children; We love it … Keep up the great work.
(Sidney Collier - Montpelier, VT)

I've been a long time fan of AC and just wanted to say that the set you played at First Night was really great! My husband and I have caught many many of the band's shows and really enjoyed them all.
(Vicky Loven - VT)

… let me express to you and the members of Atlantic Crossing, how much my wife and I enjoyed your First Night performance. Of particular note were the songs written about area historical events, such as the sinking of the Troy. We enjoyed your music and the performance.
(Bob Davis - VT)

An excellent album (Turning the Compass) that is modern but traditional in its content. The musical interplay has to be heard to be believed and the band are very tight and obviously highly experienced. The band has an exemplary taste, proven by its choice of content.
(Tony Bates - Highlands 100.7 FM, Australia)

I love this CD! (Turning the Compass) The novelty of the arrangements as well as the level of musical acumen are clear and exciting. I highly recommend to anyone with ears.
(Mary Palmer - High Plains Public Radio, Kansas)

Thank you for a terrific concert last night – I got lots of great feedback today from people in the audience.
(Mary McCallum - Raise the Roof Concert Series, Proctorsville, VT, January 2016)

Thanks for a beautiful performance. You bring us so much joy with your art!
(Michael Lewis - Jonesborough, TN, contra dance, April 2015)

You were outstanding last night! Thank you for playing such a compelling set of tunes for us. Great tune selection, melodies, and arrangements. I look forward to hearing you again next year.
(Ed Edmondson - Richmond, VA, contra dance, March 2015)

The most fun I ever had at a contra dance was dancing to these people. It is a thrill to learn they are coming to town!
(Julia – Bloomington, IN)

… kudos to you for your website which was beautifully organized and helped me get a sense for your music and the way you approach playing at events and weddings.
(Melina Doerring - prospective client & bride)

I appreciate your good will and encouragement to join in. Your tunes are so great to dance to, and your energy is contagious! We all had a wonderful time.
(Mary Connolly – Irish Step Dancer)

Thank you for a wonderful concert this afternoon! Your music, and your enjoyment of each other and your unselfconscious engagement with the audience made this Raise the Roof Concert a memorable one.
(Wendy Regier - Raise the Roof Concert, Proctorsville, VT, January 2016)

Great! There is enough energy on this album (Turning the Compass) to power a city. I loved the interactions between the musicians. Nicely performed and recorded. I'm a fan.
(Andy Dooley-Miller - KVMR, Grass Valley, CA)

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